We are in the ACCELERATION phase of the pandemic.  The local hospitals and healthcare workers are feeling the stress and burden of CoVid-19.  PLEASE do whatever you can to prevent getting and spreading the illness.

Have a little time on your hands?  Spend all day reading about CoVid-19 at CDC.GOV or DPH.ILLINOIS.GOV.

Doctors, nurses, and ER staff are starting to use this app to determine the safest place to be (home or the hospital):  Apple CoVid-19 screening.  It was created with the CDC.  Access on your iphone app store.  Android users can access the SCREEN on a mobile web browser or any desktop computer web browser.   I will also use this app to determine the safest place to deal with your illness.

WHEN SHOULD I END SELF-ISOLATION:  Any respiratory illness should self-isolate.  In general you can end the self-isolation 7 days after onset of symtpoms or 72 hours after feeling better and fever-free, whichever is greater.  This applies if you have been positive for CoVid-19 or if you are presumed to have CoVid-19.  Even if you have a mild cold, follow these guidelines.  Here is a chart with specifics (a little confusing but helpful to some).

CoVid19 video
Dr Benig's 3/22/2020 video to patients

3/16/2020 Dr Benig's CoVid-19 letter to patients

As of 3/28/2020 we continue to see patients for certain medical conditions to help keep patients away from the emergency room.  We will try to do telehealth whenever possible (See TELEHEALTH below).  We continue to sanitize and minimize patient contact with each other.  If you need medical care, feel comfortable coming to the office.  We will schedule non-infectious problems (injuries, abdominal pain, chest pain, etc) in the mornings,  Moderate respiratory complaints will be scheduled in the afternoons. We ask that you postpone routine and wellness appointments by a month or two.  Dr Benig will refill your medications as needed.  While we are suspending our late cancellation and no-show fees for now, we still appreciate you letting us know of your cancellation. 

3/22/2020  TESTING
If you are young, healthy, and have mild symptoms, do NOT seek CoVid-19 testing.  Stay home.  Why? 

#1 There is no medication to treat.  Unlike influenza, finding it early does not affect the outcome.  Treatment is supportive: rest, Tylenol, fluids, cough medication.

#2 If you end up having mild CoVid-19, coming to the office or testing facility exposes other people.  If you don't have CoVid-19, coming to a testing facility exposes you to a cluster of potential CoVid-19 patients. 

Conclusion:  If you have mild respiratory symptoms (flu-like or cold-like symptoms),  think like you have CoVid-19.  Stay home and don't let anyone catch what you have.  Self-quarantine for 7 days or 72 hours after you are better and fever-free, whichever is longer.  Mild cases resolve completely.   Read these instructions (pdf) from the CDC.  Here are the guidelines to ending self-quarantine. 

That being said, SFM does have a few testing kits.  I am limited because it takes 8 days to get results.  Not helpful to many because by then, the patient is feeling better and quarantine is near the end anyway. 

AMITA St Joseph Medical Center has testing available with a doctor's order.  Even though they are getting more tests, there are more hospitalized patients needing the test.  Currently, the testing is taking place at the ER.  It is not an ER visit.  The ER and hospital are now feeling the impact of very ill patients and the Statesville situation.  I will keep this in mind when deciding on testing.  Please keep this in mind too.  There are no easy answers.  That is where I help you.  Here is the IDPH criteria I use for testing patients currently. 

If you have SEVERE disease (unable to catch your breath just talking), you need testing and hospitalization.  You may need to go to the ER.  Call the office immediately for guidance.

If you are not sure and fall somewhere in the middle, or you are not sure if you have Strep throat, a sinus infection, or a bronchitis, we can offer an afternoon appointment or telehealth visit (See TELEHEALTH below).  We are trying to keep non-infection appointments in the morning. 

Again, doctors, nurses, and ER staff are starting to use this app to determine the safest place to be (home or the hospital):  Apple CoVid-19 screening.  It was created with the CDC.  Android users can access the SCREEN on a mobile web browser or any desktop computer web browser.   I will also use this app to determine the safest place to deal with your illness. 

Here are good explanations of "Flattening the Curve" and the "Lifecycle of a Pandemic".  We are in the  ACCELERATION phase the lifecycle and it will run its course.  The surge in coming.  Our goal is to slow the spread of illness and keep this curve as flat as possible.  This will allow resources to remain available for the vulnerable. We need to do everything we can to avoid getting sick.  The local hospitals are already feeling the stress of situation. 

3/20/20  Employers should refer to the Illinois Department of Public Health and CDC for guidance with sick-time, work notes, and return-to-work policies for acute respiratory illnesses.  Employers should also refer to the "Families First Coronavirus Response Act"

Beginning 3/23/2020 we will begin telehealth visits to minimize patient and staff exposure to CoVid-19 for certain types of visits.  This is an evolving technology with continuously changing protocols and policies due to the CoVid-19 outbreak.  Dr Benig is experienced in telehealth as a provider for MDLive telehealth since January 2019.  We will be utilizing both phone and video visits.  Video is preferred. 

An iphone or android with google chrome is required for the video telehealth visit.  A computer with google chrome can also be used but the camera and microphone need to be active.  You will receive an invitation just prior to the visit.  The invitation can be sent to you by email or text. 

See this one-page instruction handout

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As a husband and father, Dr. Vincent Benig understands the need for Shorewood residents to have a family physician close to home that they can call their own.

Upon completing medical school at the University of Illinois,           Dr. Benig completed his residency at Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois.  Dr. Benig is proud to be certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.  He holds memberships in the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Dr. Benig opened Shorewood Family Medicine in July 2010 and had been practicing medicine in Chicago prior to then.

Dr. Benig enjoys investing in the community.  He spends time volunteering at local schools, local churches, and The Will Grundy Free Clinic. 

Credentials for Vincent Benig MD
Medical School:  University of Illinois (MD)
Residency:  Hinsdale Hospital (Family Practice)
Chief Resident: Hinsdale Hospital
Board Certified: American Board of Family Medicine
American Academy of Family Physicians: Member
American Academy of Pediatrics, Community Medicine section: Member
Hospital Privileges:  Presence St Joseph Medical Center

Routine Check-ups and Preventative Care:

  • laboratory services
  • gynecological care
  • immunizations
  • sports physicals
  • school physicals
  • adolescent care
  • well-baby exams
  • geriatric care

Special Interests:

  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • hypercholesterolism
  • smoking cessation
  • simple skin procedures
  • depression and anxiety
  • and much more

Most insurances accepted:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (not HMO)
  • United Health Care (not HMO) 
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Tri-Care
  • and more
  • We do not accept any HMO plans

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