As many of you are aware, as of May 1, 2020 we have transitioned to Amita Health Medical Group.  Our location, hours, and staff including Dr Benig remain the same.  Of course, there will be some logistical changes but in general we will operate the same as much as we can.  We thank you for your trust in us and appreciate your patience during the transition.  See Amita letter sent in April. 


Happy Mother's Day.
The United States, Illinois, and Will County are opening up some.  Not every community is in the same situation, so opening up will look different depending on where you live.  IDPH has laid out the plans for restoring Illinois.  Remember, when we started the process of flattening the curve, we were not trying to eliminate CoVid-19.  Our goal was to slow the spread and ensure we have the health-care resources to care for the critically ill. 

Here is a new blog from Dr Alesia Greene about Opening up America. 

Reminder: Most Covid casses are mild even for those at high risk.  If you have mild symptoms, stay home, treat symptoms and monitor for shortness of breath.  Read these instructions from the CDC.  Mild cases resolve completely.   Those at high risk and health-care workers should get testing. 

If you have SEVERE disease (unable to catch your breath just talking), go to the ER.  The decision to be hospitalized is based on your symptoms, not whether or not you have Covid-19. 

WHEN SHOULD I END SELF-ISOLATION:  There are new guidelines for self-isolation for Covid-19 illnesses and returning to work.  These are changing because our knowledge is growing.  Any respiratory illness should self-isolate.  In general you can end the self-isolation 10 days after onset of symtpoms or 72 hours after feeling better and fever-free, whichever is greater.  This applies if you have been positive for CoVid-19 or if you are presumed to have CoVid-19. 

We are beginning to increase patient visits in the office.  We continue to keep the encounter as safe as possible for everyone.  We still do video chat telehealth visits (see below).  We can actually do Medicare physicals on a video chat too.  Elective surgeries are starting up in a limited capacity as well. 

When you have a true emergency, it is relatively safe to go the the Emergency room.  The risk of transmission has been minimized at hospital emergency rooms now that they have been able to adjust to the new normal. 

There was initial concern early on that NSAIDS (Aleve, ibuprofen) may have worsened CoVid-19.  This has not been proven to be true.  It is OK to use NSAIDs for appropriate conditions including illness. 

There is a promising anti-viral medication, Remdesivir, being studied.  The medication already exists and there are large studies ongoing.  It is being studied in hospitalized patients (not in Chicagoland).  If successful most people won't need it, but having a safety net would be a relief to all. 

Antibody testing continues to be a complicated work in progress. There are limitations to the test.  An Antibody test will check for previous infection and presumably immunity to Covid-19.  Antibody testing is necessary for the convalescent plasma study.  More to come. 

HOME TESTING KITS for Covid-19 now available today.  FDA-approved through LabCorp.  This kit does not need a doctor's order but needs approval by LabCorp and their independent physician.  Initially this will be available to first responders and health-care workers, but eventually available to more.

Presently, there are more and more people who have recovered from CoVid-19.  St Joseph is participating in a Mayo study on using plasma from Covid survivors for treatment.  One plasma donation can potentially save two lives.  If you are a Covid survivor, and would like to donate your plasma, click here for information and to register with Versiti (formally Heartland).  (https://www.versiti.org/covid19plasma

Universal face masks are recommended for going out in public.   See this helpful IDPH face mask flier


There are more testing options for CoVid-19.  We are fortunate to have this availability via Amita St Joseph Medical Center.  However, in most situations, it is still not necessary for those with mild symptoms.  Testing requires a doctor's order locally.  We can do a televisit if you think testing applies to you.  Here are general CDC guidelines I follow.   

You may have heard on the internet that Plaquenil is being used to treat Covid-19.  Plaquenill is used for rheumatoid arthritis.  Do not take this without a doctor's prescription.  This has serious heart side effects especially when taken with antibiotics like azithromycin. 

Here is an excerpt from a blog by Dr Alesia Greene.  Dr Greene is a family physician with Medi-Share.  "Pace Yourself" will help us get through this crisis. 

The Grundy County Health Department released a practical guide about "Staying Home" and what this looks like and doesn't look like.  

I found a cool simulation in the Washington Post about flattening the curve.  Check it out here

We are in the ACCELERATION phase of the pandemic.  The local hospitals and healthcare workers are feeling the stress and burden of CoVid-19.  PLEASE do whatever you can to prevent getting and spreading the illness.  It looks like we will peak around April 20. 

Have a little time on your hands?  Spend all day reading about CoVid-19 at CDC.GOV or DPH.ILLINOIS.GOV.

Doctors, nurses, and ER staff are starting to use this app to determine the safest place to be (home or the hospital):  Apple CoVid-19 screening.  It was created with the CDC.  Access on your iphone app store.  Android users can access the SCREEN on a mobile web browser or any desktop computer web browser.   I will also use this app to determine the safest place to deal with your illness.

As of 3/28/2020 we continue to see patients for certain medical conditions to help keep patients away from the emergency room.  We will try to do telehealth whenever possible (See TELEHEALTH below).  We continue to sanitize and minimize patient contact with each other.  If you need medical care, feel comfortable coming to the office.  We will schedule non-infectious problems (injuries, abdominal pain, chest pain, etc) in the mornings.  Dr Benig will refill your medications as needed.  While we are suspending our late cancellation and no-show fees for now, we still appreciate you letting us know of your cancellation. 

CoVid19 video
Dr Benig's 3/22/2020 video to patients

Employers should refer to the Illinois Department of Public Health and CDC for guidance with sick-time, work notes, and return-to-work policies for acute respiratory illnesses.  Employers should also refer to the "Families First Coronavirus Response Act"

3/16/2020 Dr Benig's CoVid-19 letter to patients

Beginning 3/23/2020 we will begin telehealth visits to minimize patient and staff exposure to CoVid-19 for certain types of visits.  This is an evolving technology with continuously changing protocols and policies due to the CoVid-19 outbreak.  Dr Benig is experienced in telehealth as a provider for MDLive telehealth since January 2019.  We will be utilizing both phone and video visits.  Video is preferred. 

An iphone or android with google chrome is required for the video telehealth visit.  A computer with google chrome can also be used but the camera and microphone need to be active.  You will receive an invitation just prior to the visit.  The invitation can be sent to you by email or text. 

See this one-page instruction handout

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As a husband and father, Dr. Vincent Benig understands the need for Shorewood residents to have a family physician close to home that they can call their own.

Upon completing medical school at the University of Illinois,           Dr. Benig completed his residency at Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois.  Dr. Benig is proud to be certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.  He holds memberships in the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Dr. Benig opened Shorewood Family Medicine in July 2010 and had been practicing medicine in Chicago prior to then.

Dr. Benig enjoys investing in the community.  He spends time volunteering at local schools, local churches, and The Will Grundy Free Clinic. 

Credentials for Vincent Benig MD
Medical School:  University of Illinois (MD)
Residency:  Hinsdale Hospital (Family Practice)
Chief Resident: Hinsdale Hospital
Board Certified: American Board of Family Medicine
American Academy of Family Physicians: Member
American Academy of Pediatrics, Community Medicine section: Member
Hospital Privileges:  Presence St Joseph Medical Center

Routine Check-ups and Preventative Care:

  • laboratory services
  • gynecological care
  • immunizations
  • sports physicals
  • school physicals
  • adolescent care
  • well-baby exams
  • geriatric care

Special Interests:

  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • hypercholesterolism
  • smoking cessation
  • simple skin procedures
  • depression and anxiety
  • and much more

Most insurances accepted:

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